Wednesday, August 16, 2017


At the beginning of July, we took a trip to Vancouver to visit some friends and it was so nice.

Sweet bridge.

Game time!

Cuddle buddies.

Park dates.

Ocean views.

Boardwalk walks.

Any place is a good place to monkey around.

Happy baby.

We also got to spend some days with our biggest cousins.

Back home, baby in a basket.

Riding a pony at a rainy Stampede breakfast.

Happy as a clam to be out and about.

Best buddies.

She loves her pool!

And the mall play place.

The toe eating stage is one of my favourites.

Buddies again.

Sunday best series.

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

July Instagram

McKinley is five months old today! #gawker #grabber #charmer

This weekend was worth every minute of the drive. We were spoiled with good eats, great coffee, wonderful company, and our kids were loved up.

So. In. Love.

Monday, July 17, 2017


Great weather in June meant lots of time outside which makes this monkey happy.

Happiest boy on the planet (when his stomach isn't hurting him).

She makes him smile so easily.

Gooooood morning mom!

Tummy time together.

Baby blues...

Green popsicles! :)

Taking bunny for a ride.

More monkeying around at the park.

His smile is seriously the best.

Helping dad improve the deck.

Sunday best series.