Sunday, October 1, 2017

September Instagram

McKinley is seven months old today! #makingstrange #reeeeeach #spitgurgle #growl

First date with my big little girl.

Going for gold! #calgarycorporatechallenge

Thursday, September 21, 2017


August was a full month so get ready for TONS of pictures.

Piper and her neighbour girl friend. She loves jumping on the trampoline with her.

Loves sweet potatoes. Not as big of a fan of food as Piper was though.

First time sitting up in the cart with big sister.

Two babies in a swing. Piper was squished and not loving it.

Piper got to ride the c-train for the first time with grandma. She thought it was the coolest thing because we always get excited about seeing the trains when we drive anywhere.

Sunny adventures with her aunties.

I don't think she has enough balls to play with...

We spent a week in BC in August. Game time!

We got to see the solar eclipse through some welding filters. So incredible!!

Water slide park with both mom and dad.

Jumping with his cousin.

Loving the park as usual. It's even better with cousins.

Her first ride on a ferry. Also the start of her modeling career apparently.

Had some early mornings with this little guy. Good thing he's so happy when he wakes up!

Card games for old times sake!

The parks on Vancouver Island were the best I've ever seen.

First toe dip in the ocean for baby boy.

Holding her shorts up just like Brynn.

We got to drive under the Port Mann bridge and it was so cool for me. The timing of the picture was so lucky. You can see one of the main supports and all the cables between the two linked bridge decks.

 Sunday best series.

Friday, September 1, 2017

August Instagram

McKinley is six months old today! #beginnerroller #twoteeth #tastytoes #stayclose

Tonight's supper. #eattherainbow

I love my fearless little monkey.

Love. Sun. Waves.

Wednesdays done right.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017


At the beginning of July, we took a trip to Vancouver to visit some friends and it was so nice.

Sweet bridge.

Game time!

Cuddle buddies.

Park dates.

Ocean views.

Boardwalk walks.

Any place is a good place to monkey around.

Happy baby.

We also got to spend some days with our biggest cousins.

Back home, baby in a basket.

Riding a pony at a rainy Stampede breakfast.

Happy as a clam to be out and about.

Best buddies.

She loves her pool!

And the mall play place.

The toe eating stage is one of my favourites.

Buddies again.

Sunday best series.