Saturday, June 17, 2017


Piper turned two this month! Birthday morning picture.

She was lucky and it was a gorgeous sunny day outside on her birthday.


And water.

Spoiled girl at her birthday party.

Best homemade birthday cake decorations ever thanks to Katie.

How Piper feels about bubbles of all kinds.

With both of her great grandpas.

She likes to eat her grapes all lined up.

Park fun with her cousins.

And so it begins... sister hair pulling at three months.

These two think the world of each other.

Sunny spring days.

His smile is the best. Ever.

Watering the garden.

Sunday best series.

Thursday, June 1, 2017

May Instagram

McKinley is three months old today! #fullbodysmiles #handsucker #futurecyclist

She's two! #yamama #bestbigsister #littlemonkey #excitementleveleleven

Tonight was positively the best. BUT I haven't been able to work out for the last six months so please answer if I call for help to get out of bed..... #1800pleasehelpmecarryatoddler

Today's zoo trip was my first with both littles and seeing this in person for the first time was the highlight for me. #firststampedstructuraldesign

Wednesday, May 17, 2017


Sharing her blocks with her little brother.

This girl loves the park!

Lots of people let Piper help blow out their birthday candles.

 Kisses for baby brother.

Cousins "reading" bedtime stories together.

He has the best smile on the planet.

 Play place fun. That smile is worth the effort.

Indoor adventure park with her Uncle.

She loves sitting beside her brother.

This one gets into EVERYTHING.

She must squeeze out her own toothpaste... on the couch of course.

Anyone need a Qtip?

Paperclips in her toes.

Jumping down the stairs.

Piper was here.

Grating her babybel cheese that she only likes to peel and not eat.

Measuring the measuring cup with her measuring tape.

Paperclips down the heat register.

I just want a few grapes mom.

Park date with her aunties and newest friend.

 Sunday best series.