Monday, February 19, 2018


Right after the holidays, we took a little trip down to Palm Springs to meet up with grandpa and grandma.

Not a bad back deck view.

Dirty kneed crawler.

 Dirty mouthed chocolate lover.

Watching all the big kids at the park.

One of the big kids.

 Bananagrams fun.

Fanciest Starbucks you ever did see.

Palm tree life.

Family picture.

Back at home, we had to take the fun indoors.

Piper's crafts from the dayhome one day. We are the luckiest.

Sunday best series.

Thursday, February 1, 2018

January Instagram

McKinley is eleven months old today! #maximumvolumescreech #draweranddoorobsessed #crawling #grumpypants

Saturday entertainment for the littles.... and their nerd mom. #ilovestructures

 Finishing off a surprise 24 hours minus kids plus girl friend in the best way.

Monday, January 8, 2018

December and Holidays

The days of two kids sitting peacefully reading in the same crib are over for awhile! This boy is on the move.

Thankfully he's just as happy learning how to stand up on the other side of the rails.

We had a lot of rounds of sickness this month. One bonus was this happening probably for the last time.

 We love green smoothies!

Spreading expert, just like her mom.

Our local library was just renovated! We'll be spending a lot more of our winter time here now.

She turned into a snuggle bug this month and I'm not complaining.

Christmas in the mountains. The kids were spoiled by their aunt and uncle this year. The pink princess in her pink princess tent.

Free to crawl and terrorize his sister!

This is how you build a gingerbread house right??

Beautiful mountain sunrises.

Puzzles galore. This was the hardest but my favourite.

Bean got to stay a couple extra days with grandpa and grandma and got the royal treatment.

New Year's in BC. The drives were made possible by copious amounts of cheerios.

And mini baby naps. Riding in comfort.

Playing my new game with these two was the best.

 Sunday best series.